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About Me

Each of us is born with a uniqueness that longs for full expression.  Those who convert this endowment into a source of currency experience a deep, abiding sense of fulfillment, abundance and satisfaction in business and in life. Those who do not may struggle with the nagging pain of unrealized potential as recurrent lack, fear, insecurity, displacement, and emptiness. 

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It is my business to help people prosper from their uniqueness. For some, this looks like strategic thought partnership to advance objectives or reach the marketplace. Others require an exploration of metaphysics to identify and actualize uniqueness. From mindset to messaging to market strategy and more, I provide the support and tools necessary to craft a coherent corporate identity and position clients to maximize opportunities to prosper. 


Topics of Expertise Include: Entrepreneurship, Workforce/Personal Development, Genealogy, Inspiration, Metaphysics and anything regarding the evolution of Weems the People: A Legacy of Love and Liberation. Presentations have been made for the University of Hartford, University of the District of Columbia, Peerless Rockville, Montgomery County Genealogical Society, Federation of Genealogical Societies, African-American Historical and Genealogical Society, African African American Civil War Museum and various community groups.





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What in the Word?

The landscape of our reality is shifting in real time making it increasingly clear that our ability to adjust to a new norm will serve more than anything else. Reset the foundation for your future by doing the inner work. There is no better time.