About Me

I’m Gayle George.

A Creative Economist & Content Curator


I help people identify, actualize and prosper from their uniqueness.  Distinct from the popular idea of “purpose,” one’s uniqueness is the very essence of who they are – an immutable spark of the eternal that we alone carry.  This individualized impression on the reality is all we were ever designed to be.   

The inner work to its discovery seems daunting after a lifetime of running, hiding, or trying fit in. However, sourcing uniqueness positions us for a sustained sense of validation, authenticity, and profitability that makes its exploration worthwhile. It is not an easy journey. It is the only one. 

Formal training in international economics, energy science, and diplomacy; diverse experience in publishing, production, academia, and management consulting; and, a lifelong passion for the implements of development expressed as fundraising, technology and human evolution  inform my core competency.

Like my ancestors who escaped captivity on the Underground Railroad, I specialize in the strategic allocation of energy, time, and resources to achieve results consistent with a simple core truth: We have far more power than we know.  When you are ready to actualize the possibilities, I am here help.  



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