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discover what's possible

Starting a business? ¬†Finally answering “that calling” to take on a new more expansive endeavor? Or, just need a thought partner to help you figure out how to finance what is most important to you? I help clients get clear on their strategic objective and map out the road to get there.

Lets dYG-In strategy Session

Since the map is not the terrain, we DYG-In with the practical application of strategic solutions drawn from my Deliver Your Greatness (DYG) course concept to ensure that clients are equipped with the tools they need to achieve their objectives.

coin catcher consultation

“Pennies from heaven” represent the fundamental currency required to finance our most authentic and illuminated life. ¬†Learn how to collect and grow them exponentially.

accountability bundle

This series of 4-15 minute check-in calls ensures the implementation of an established objective through the application of our collective focused attention and co-creative resourcefulness.

What the Tech? Walk-through

Leverage my expertise in agile project management to establish your digital presence, launch an online business and position yourself to earn more virtually.

Author development series

From manuscripts to marketing to management and so much more, clients get a custom designed strategy to advance their writing project according to my core publishing philosophy. The series includes 3- 90 minute sessions. It’s not a just book. It’s a business.